We are Dolphin Class FS2

Our teacher is Miss Astor.

Our LSAs are

Mrs Woodall

Snack LSA

Mrs Reveley

Our classroom is Rainbow Room

Class Information

Please bring your book bag into school each day.

Please remember to make sure it is signed to say that you have read.

Wednesday is PE day for FS2 but please bring your PE kit in each Monday and leave it in school for the week.

Thursday is also library day for both FS 1 and 2.

Please make sure that all kit, including clothes, PE kits, water bottles, coats, hats, pack lunch boxes and book bags.

Golden Rules for FS

  1. We are kind to each other.
  2. We use our walking feet inside.
  3. We take turns and share.
  4. We help each other to tidy up.
  5. We listen to each other and grown ups.
  6. We talk without shouting.
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