We are Y5 Sharks

My name is Mr. Stuart Wright and I teach the Y5 Sharks class.

I qualified as a teacher in 1974, so I am not quite as old as Noah!

My teaching career began in London and I moved to teach in SCE in January 1986.

The first school I taught in was Griffon, renamed Andrew Humphrey, in Wildrenrath which closed in July 2012. Since then I have been teaching here in Bruggen.

Our Learning Support Assistant in Y5 is Mrs Laura Vickers who started with us in September this year (2013). She takes groups in lessons and helps children with their reading. She is also another shoulder to cry on or turn to help for when required!

The science topics we are completing this year are:

  • Keeping Healthy

  • Earth, sun & moon

  • Changing state

  • Life cycles

  • Adaptation

  • Gases around us

Other topics we are completing this year include:

  • The Aztecs

  • Lady of Shallott

  • Henry the V111

  • WW2 with Arnhem Residential

  • WW2

We hope that these will be enjoyed by all the children and that their imaginations will be captured!